Curve on surface

Hi All,

I have one surface then I make points on this surface. Now I need make one curve align to this surface?
Please see my picture below for more detail

Thanks all

Curve -> Util -> Project

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Thank Will,

I try this but not done


could could do it this way


Thank Baris,
Can you upload the *gh file?

sorry, here it is (6.7 KB)

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it work done
Thank Baris so much

Dear Baris,

I have one more question, when I created two curves on surface how to make loft from these curves?

post file please, not sure how you made it

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Please check my file (6.5 KB)

like this: (9.1 KB)

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Dear Baris,
Big Thanks to you.
Thank so much again!

you need to feed a direction vector to ā€œDā€

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