Curve network is failing on these curves. How can I effectively create this surface? Please help

I am making this foot shaped last. I have these sections as well as guide curves, but the curve network command just does not work. Every time it shows two of the sections as troublesome curves. Attaching the 3d file for reference. Please help. Thanks in advance!

Upload.3dm (211.7 KB)

Hi @dhomkarp

I’ll start of by saying that I think you need to refine your model, some of your curves are made up of over 10 separate segments. I reckon you can rebuild these to between 1-3 segments at most.

I used the ‘rebuild’ cmd on the curves below to show you how smooth they should be, however I recommend building low point curves from the get go.

Even if you manage to network surface this object at the moment, I reckon in its current state the continuity and surface spans would be a mess.

Hey @nicholasm785 Thanks for reaching out! I will try that and get back to you. Thanks once again!

No problem.
I’m also wondering whether this would be easier to do with Lofting (see workflow below).
Personally I would like to try both methods, but am a bit busy at the moment.
The very front of the foot is a loft of 3 curves then using the ‘matchsrf’ tool.

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Hello - - the thing about NetworkSrf is that the inputs must be able to be resolved into a rectangular grid - curves in two directions… your curves are in three directions:


And each curve in one direction must cross all of the curves in the other.

This is dictated by the rectangular topology of Nurbs surfaces.

You can use the curves you have as input to surfaces, but a single newtwork surface will not work.



Hi @Pascal,

Well said. I’ve never heard it quite described so succinctly. Is the diagram you posted an example of how Network Srf should be set up? Would you mind posting your .3dm file for this?

Hi Cosmas - the screen shot was to show the three incompatible curve sets in the OP’s file.