Curve middle line

Thanks, It works !

wait what? what are you talking about and what file are you opening?:joy:

it’s already been updated - Y vector component gone long ago:

because you rotated your shape and got rid of Y vector for N using the old file

that’s how it was the first time!

outta here :exploding_head::sweat_smile:

maybe this one help with minimum points (15.5 KB)

Great info everybody. You gave me a lot of material to experiment with. Thanks!!!


I get an error (Intersection failed) with 3D models, do you know why ? (work only with planes -> xy)


The screenshot looks like the example I sent - Not sure however which script (or combination of scripts) you’re using as others also helped you here.

…yes a ‘3D model’ fails as the example was built for a planar shape (curve)…

Please post a clearer image of what you want to do with the box, and the file you’re working with in order to get more help

Do you want to fill the box with the pattern? Fill its faces with the pattern?


Sorry, yes is exacly your code (I only convert from GEOMETRY to CURVES LIST), I need to convert xy curve infill to xyz… It’s necessary repeat the same pattern as xy in z … k times ( layer height)

If I replace the “brep/plane” to “brep” I get the center points of all layers, with this I have the contours for all layers.

But I have problems converting contours to flip matrix …

cool, post the file with the geometry you’re using


File: (29.8 KB)

For rhino file, draw a simple rectangle

(100x200 ex.)


you can ‘move’ the pattern up in Z (multiple times) with a series component


I edit the file: (23.9 KB)

I add this:

But only some lines are not replicated… why ?

(problems in the first and the last)

Maybe this solve the problem: (25.0 KB)

But the how I can trim the inside elements to the shape of object ?


You’re getting closer, and great effort!

Once again, you must ask for what you want with sufficient clarity.

One may be attempting to help you achieve this with a box without knowing you want to apply it to any closed brep.

Part of getting the best help possible involves specifying what you actually intend to achieve, as in “I would like to make this work with any (or a variety) of closed breps” versus “it doesn’t work with 3D” :slight_smile:

Blah blah feels like a sermon now, huh, aaaaanyway try this: (40.5 KB)

NOTE: you might end up with [small} curve fragments you don’t want…but that’s just life!


fancy name btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry again. First because I have some difficulties with English :slight_smile: and after that because this is very new for me (trees, curves, shapes, etc.etc etc…).

This code is part of a “big solution” to generate the GCODE to my big scale printer.

As you can see, the red lines (offset from main lines) are the external limits of my extruder. Your code is for infill inside of the walls. Until now, my code is good (not very good xD) for XY axis and only 1 layer in Z (movement to prevent drag material):


Try here: this code:
gcode.txt (6.9 KB)

But if you try with multiple layers:

gcode_v2.txt (110.4 KB)

I have a lot of problems :slight_smile:

I need to invert (flip or something similar) the logic because the machine print the infill verticaly first, the same for the walls, because the trees are very confusing.

I have only < 24 hours of grasshopper and rhino :):slight_smile:

PS: I don’t understand your last code :):slight_smile: In my computer this is the result:


Many thanks again.

man your English is perfect !

that’s where I like to be

better than nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you play with the sliders? Pattern repetition? It’s probably an issue with the document units

I suggest opening the last file in a new rhino document so you’re able to study it properly:

yes, I supposed you were offsetting the curves from the grasshopper file

I hope this gets you closer: (56.0 KB)

The logic is changed a bit so at the end you get curves in two lists

open in new BLANK rhino document, units in mm, tolerance .001, so you check what’s going on

Hi again people,

@corellaman your code is very different… I don’t understand anything :slight_smile: It’s a big help if you check my code: (28.0 KB)

First I draw a simple truncated code (RHINO) [50x30x30] and select as geometry in grasshopper


I split my “truncated cone” in 3 layers with 10 mm and I move the “sinus curves” 3 layers in Z to create a copy…


I can trim the lines with my region line defined in all layers … example in the first layer (yellow - the region to trim) :

But when I run the code selecting the 3D model (truncated cone), the trim only works in the first layer. The other layers are exactly the same like the first layer. But I have the code to trim layer by layer:

Yellow X are the current trim, but I need to trim the blue X…
The trim line is this offset:

ANOTHER PROBLEM is why some lines are duplicated ??


Where is my problem ?