Sin/cos curves 3d multiple


I am looking to get something like this:

I am trying with a couple of circles on above each other with different radius and then dividing them en making a curve between the points.

But cant seem to get the result.

Anyone tips on how to do this? Or where to start?

Thanks in advance!

You can create something similar in Rhino without Grasshopper. Understanding that should allow you to translate into a Grasshopper solution for a parametric version.

Start by creating a profile curve for the “onion” shape of the structure. Twist it around the axis of the onion (to create the profile of a strand) until you are happy with the shape. Polar array it around the onion axis to give yourself however many curves you desire, then mirror the original and polar array the copy to the same quantity. Select all the curves and pipe them to create solids.

Repeat for the inner structure.

This is an unsubtle approach and is not the way the original would have been created, but its hopefully not a bad approximation, and simpler to do.


Wow awesome!
Thank you so much!
Is it possible to share the rhino file?
So i can take a look and try to remake it with grasshopper

I didn’t keep the file - so I made another one, this time with inner and outer limbs. I also boolean differenced the bottom with a base slab to flatten the feet.

You will note that I have not attempted to mimic the form of your original example accurately - I’ll leave that to you :wink:

Onion.3dm (7.3 MB)

Great! thanks for the effort!
Going to play around with it and try in grasshopper!