Display Problems with current Rhino WIP

I have display issues with current WIP/Grasshopper.

  • On opening an old (2 months old) GH script, no geometry appears in any Rhino viewport
  • I’m able to see curve geometry if I start a new GH file, but no shaded view is visible (just the boundary curves of surfaces)
    -I had GPU tessellation off (it was previously set up this way), so I’ve now set to on, as this seems necessary to see curves.

The uploaded screenshot is in shaded mode.

Screenshot (120)|592x500

Hi -

I’m not seeing that here on the Rhino 8 WIP:

Please upload a sample gh file. Also, run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

System_Info.txt (3.5 KB)
test.gh (8.3 KB)

Hi Wim,
Glitch over I think, curious!
Let you know if it reappears.

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Still glitchy, I’ll dig deeper and let you know. Thanks.