Curve alignment problem

stiffener lines 6.3dm (171.4 KB) (30.8 KB)


I have issue with my grasshopper code.
Some structural profiles are not following curve direction. Some are coming up, some are coming down and some are changing direction.
Can anybody tell, why it is happening or is it bug ?



Look like there is issue with planes, some planes are rotated. (67.4 KB) (19.8 KB)

It’s better if you move the profile to the origin and use XY plane as reference

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Thanks for solution, sorry i cant move profile at center because if when multiple profile comes then those will be overlapped on each other. Although there is solution of hide by layer but still i want to keep layer ON of each profile.

You can, and in Grasshopper choose the profile you want

this is nice solution, thanks, could you tell me about this “Reparametrize” in Pfame. How it helps ?