Fixing offset curves or other suggestions

So I have this Shape and I am trying to make it look like it has a structural frame however when I offset the curves they overlap Regardless of if I flip the Expression. I have attached a picture and the file if needed. I was wondering if anyone would have a suggestion to help fix this or another way to create the Frame? I will Update if I figure out any thing before.

Capture3 side (9.1 KB)side.3dm (13.4 MB)

Right click on your mesh component and click Internalize Data

unfortunately that did not work. Thank you though

Sorry I thought you didn’t upload the 3dm file but it seems as if I just didn’t see it…

I unified the mesh normals in Rhino and added a Curve Side component in Grasshopper. Not sure if that’s what you were looking for?

side (14.9 KB)

No problem. Thank you. so in rhino is it the same as join or is the command actually unified?

The command I used is called UnifyMeshNormals.

When you join meshes, sometimes not all normals are correct

side.3dm (13.4 MB)

oh Awesome! Thank You!

You can use offset from python work better

side (5.5 KB)


one last question. When I went back onto the grasshopper file the area command was red and I cannot figure out how to re determine it. It says curve must be planar to determine area and I was wondering how to make the curve planar?

Which file? Post a screenshot maybe