Mac Bug: Flipped color gradient in curvature analysis

Hi Guys,
I think in Rhino for Mac the _CurvatureAnalysis command is showing the color gradient flipped compared to the conventional visualization style:

Cheers, Jess

Hi Jess - here’s what I get if I ask for Max Range on simliar surfaces:


Hi @pascal
I’m not talking about max or auto-range
Simply look at the domain numbers on the mac dialog and compare it with the Win dialog.
It says red is -0.003 and blue +0.003
Best, Jess

Hi Jess, I see that on yours, but what happens if you set Max range?


:grinning: it is telling me it is Friday again

have a nice long weekend,

Hi Pascal,

It is showing the max range, based on the sampling vertices of the analysis mesh. If the geometry is the same and the mesh-settings are identical, then I get the same min/max values (except display format).

There are a few differences or glitches between Mac/PC which mostly have been discussed discussed here. I just want to make sure that you noticed, that the color-gradient on the Mac dialog is flipped.


Thanks Jess for reporting,

RH-74869 Numbers in CurvatureAnalysis on Mac don’t match with Windows