Cursor is the No Symbol?

Hi guys, I have a question. Does anyone know why my cursor is the no symbol? I’m just trying to do basic tasks, but whenever I try to create a line or even a box, Rhino keeps changing my cursor to either the no symbol, or just the cross hairs.

The only way for me to draw something is if it connects to a point onto something I have copied and pasted into my file. For example, I can only draw a box if it snaps directly to the objects that I have created, but now it won’t even let me create a box off to the side of my objects. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to fix this?



I sometimes do see this when my current cplane is hardly visible. Rhino selection when drawing something is based on the current cplane (which is usually the XY plane in the Perspective viewport, but can be changed). Having a look at your picture, Rhino may have difficulties, because you are looking from the side on your XY plane. The mouse cursor would hit the cplane miles away then, and when it is too far away, you get that symbol. So you should look more from the Z direction when drawing in the perspective viewport, I guess?


My guess is Michael is correct- try, as a test, running the command CPlane > View and then try to make a curve or whatever. Any better?