Ctrl+Shift+click misbehaves in Rhino 7.23 and 6.35

Rhino 7.23 and Rhino 6.35 misbehave when I use Ctrl+Shift+click to select subobjects in SubDs or polysurfaces. Rebooting and using /safemode do not help, so I have to release Ctrl+Shift keys before every click or I have to use SelectionFilter to select the subobjects.

When I try to select SubD subobject in Rhino 7.23, Rhino turns History on and the command history window says:
1 SubD face added to selection.
Command: '_CopyToClipboard
1 selected subobject ignored.
1 open SubD added to selection.

If I do not release the keys and click another subobject, the entire SubD is selected.

If I release both keys, hold the keys down again, and click another subobject, I select another subobject (good behavior), but the command history says:
1 SubD face added to selection.
Command: '_CopyToClipboard
1 selected subobject ignored.
1 SubD face added to selection.

Every time I select any subobject, the Rhino window goes black for one second, History is turned on, and something is copied to clipboard. Sometimes the Rhino window does not goes black - this behavior sometimes changes when I quit Rhino and launch it again.

When I try to select polysurface subobject in Rhino 6.35, Rhino command history window says:
1 surface added to selection.
Command: '_CopyToClipboard
1 extrusion added to selection.
1 surface added to selection.

The mis-behavior is the same except that History is not turned on.

Not seeing that here. I am on the current release candidate though (7.24.22301.23001, 2022-10-28). However, I have never seen this behavior in previous versions. The fact that both V6 (which hasn’t changed in a long while) and V7 are both affected makes me think that there is a local problem with your installation that is not necessarily related to Rhino.

Do you have the correct Windows keyboard relative to the physical keyboard you have connected? Or anything else running that might be remapping the keyboard keys?

I use built-in laptop keyboard. I removed two programs which I updated recently - Epic Pen and Simnet Notes. (The Epic Pen has lots of hotkeys and is still buggy.) My best guess is that it may be sophisticated virus. I have been using Webroot antivirus program for several years.

No, I’m not talking about your physical keyboard, I’m talking about the keyboard layout set in Windows to interpret your typing on the keyboard. You can usually see it in the lower right hand corner of the taskbar. If you have more than one layout installed, it is possible to accidentally switch layouts without realizing it.

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I did not change keyboard layout in Windows recently. My Windows keyboard layout is “standard.”

keyboard layout 1

keyboard layout


Put both keyboard toggles to “Not Assigned” and Rhino will work normal. Windows should NOT use Ctrl+Shift keycombination for anything at all :slight_smile:

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I was also indicating this:

Windows key + spacebar can actually change the layout without you realizing it.

It is a nuisance, not the end of the world. I select the Sub-objects SelectionFilter checkbox and click the subobjects without the Ctrl+Shift.

Rhino sub-objects

Still would be good to figure out what kind of gremlin :space_invader: is affecting your system…

Yeah these issues tend to be either “You’ve accidentally turned on some Windows Accessiblity/mouse driver/etc feature” or “your hardware is physically dying.” Obviously Rhino itself has nothing to do with this, it’s many steps removed from inputs.

If I copy something to the clipboard and later hold Ctrl+Shift+click, the clipboard is empty. I was curious what was copied to the clipboard when Rhino window goes black. As you can see in the following screenshot, it is transparent (my Windows background is black) Rhino window with the viewport title.

What??? Okay so you’re activating some sort of macro?

As I said: You’ve accidentally turned on some Windows Accessiblity/mouse driver/etc feature” or your mouse or keyboard is physically dying.

I spent about 3 hours today looking for suspicious Windows 10 keyboard settings, removing programs, installing Rhino 7.24, rebooting, etc. It did not work. Then, without any apparent reason, the “Ctrl+Shift gremlin” disappeared and new “delay gremlin” appeared. The new gremlin sometimes delays the launching of Rhino by about two minutes. What else would you expect in the Halloween season? (My Webroot antivirus program did not find anything malicious today.)