SubD sweep one rail not 3d


Im new to rhino software and I’ve been browsing tutorials in the site(which seem great btw!). I was doing the “fleur the lis- ring” tutorial and progressed untill I had to make the ring part with “subD sweep one rail”. My problem is that it always makes the ring in 2d, as flat surface rather than a round ring. However if I drag on one of the center lines, I can get some depth to it. What could be wrong?

ps. In the tutorial you make two standard circles and use the subd sweep to make it as round and perfect ring shape. In short anyways.

I hope my explanation was clear enough, and thanks in advance.

Can you post your Rhino file and maybe a screenshot?

Rhino Subd sweep.3dm (301.4 KB)

Sure, I made a new project to simplify things. Hope its enough.

You need to rotate the small circle by 90° so it is like the cross section through the ring you would like to create…

Rhino Subd sweep.3dm (325.1 KB)

Wow, of course! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thanks alot!

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