GHGumball Output Error C#

I saw this post sometime ago about the AddGumball
And I have been exploring the Conduit and gumball in Grasshopper to move grasshopper preview points using GumballDisplayConduit. Everything seems to be working fine as I don’t get any errors. but when I select a point and drag it, it does not update the position.
@Dani_Abalde I also saw your post on Gumball for Grasshopper. While you have your example done all in VB, Can you help me here with pointing at what i might be missing in this.
Thanks in advance.

Here is the code

private void RunScript(List<Point3d> pts, bool on, object clear, ref object A)
    List<Line> outLines = new List<Line>();
    if (on)
      stickyData = ManipulatePoints(pts);

      var toggle = this.Component.Params.Input[1].Sources[0];
      ((GH_BooleanToggle) toggle).Value = false;

    if (stickyData.Count > 0)
      if ((bool) clear) stickyData.Clear();
      foreach (var i in stickyData.Keys)
    A = pts;

  // <Custom additional code> 
  Dictionary<int, Transform> stickyData = new Dictionary<int, Transform>();

  private GumballAppearanceSettings CustomGumballAppearanceSettings()
    //Return Gumball Appearance Settings with only Translation
    var gas = new GumballAppearanceSettings
        RotateXEnabled = false,
        RotateYEnabled = false,
        RotateZEnabled = false,
        ScaleXEnabled = false,
        ScaleYEnabled = false,
        ScaleZEnabled = false,
        TranslateXEnabled = true,
        TranslateXYEnabled = true,
        TranslateYEnabled = true,
        TranslateYZEnabled = true,
        TranslateZEnabled = true,
        TranslateZXEnabled = true,
        MenuEnabled = false,
        RelocateEnabled = false
    return gas;

  class CustomGetTransform : GetTransform
    public GumballDisplayConduit lineDc;
    private readonly List<Point3d> ptsToSelectFrom;
    public int currentSelIndex;
    public readonly Dictionary<int, Transform> info;

    public CustomGetTransform(GumballDisplayConduit inLineDc, List<Point3d> inPtsToSelectFrom)
      lineDc = inLineDc;
      ptsToSelectFrom = inPtsToSelectFrom;
      currentSelIndex = -1;
      info = new Dictionary<int, Transform>();

    public override Transform CalculateTransform(RhinoViewport viewport, Point3d point)
      // do we want this first line??
      //if (lineDc.InRelocate) return lineDc.PreTransform;
      return lineDc.TotalTransform;

    protected override void OnMouseDown(GetPointMouseEventArgs e)
      //initial mouse down event
      if (lineDc.PickResult.Mode != GumballMode.None)


      var picker = new PickContext
          View = e.Viewport.ParentView,
          PickStyle = PickStyle.PointPick

      var xform = e.Viewport.GetPickTransform(e.WindowPoint);

      //Point Selection

      for (int i = 0; i < ptsToSelectFrom.Count; i++)
        double depth;
        double distance;
        if (picker.PickFrustumTest(ptsToSelectFrom[i], out depth, out distance))
          currentSelIndex = i;
          if (!info.ContainsKey(i))
            info.Add(i, Transform.Identity);
      Line pickLine;
      e.Viewport.GetFrustumLine(e.WindowPoint.X, e.WindowPoint.Y, out pickLine);

      picker.PickLine = pickLine;
      lineDc.PickGumball(picker, this);

    private void updateSelectedPoint(Transform xform)
      //Update the Selected Point and info Dictionary
      var pt = ptsToSelectFrom[currentSelIndex];
      info[currentSelIndex] *= xform;

    protected override void OnMouseMove(GetPointMouseEventArgs e)
      //Update the Gumball in the Display Conduit
      if (lineDc.PickResult.Mode == GumballMode.None) return;
      Line worldLine;
      var res = e.Viewport.GetFrustumLine(e.WindowPoint.X, e.WindowPoint.Y, out worldLine);
      if (!res)
        worldLine = Line.Unset;
      var rc = lineDc.UpdateGumball(e.Point, worldLine);
      if (rc)

    public GetResult MoveGumball()
      // Get point on a MouseUp event
      if (lineDc.PreTransform != Transform.Identity)
        HaveTransform = true;
        Transform = lineDc.PreTransform;
      SetBasePoint(lineDc.BaseGumball.Frame.Plane.Origin, false);

      // V5 uses a display conduit to provide display feedback
      // so shaded objects move
      //ObjectList.DisplayFeedbackEnabled = true;
      if (this.Transform != Transform.Identity)

      // Call Get with mouseUp set to true
      var rc = this.Get(true);

      // V5 uses a display conduit to provide display feedback
      // so shaded objects move
      //ObjectList.DisplayFeedbackEnabled = false;
      return rc;

    protected override void OnDynamicDraw(GetPointDrawEventArgs e)
      foreach (var i in info.Keys)
        e.Display.DrawPoint(ptsToSelectFrom[i], PointStyle.X, 5, System.Drawing.Color.Green);

  private Dictionary<int, Transform> ManipulatePoints(List<Point3d> ptsToSelectFrom)
    var conduit = new GumballDisplayConduit();
    var baseGumball = new GumballObject();
    var cgt = new CustomGetTransform(conduit, ptsToSelectFrom);
    cgt.lineDc.Enabled = true;

    while (true)
      if (cgt.currentSelIndex >= 0)
        var currentSelPt = ptsToSelectFrom[cgt.currentSelIndex];
        if (conduit.PickResult.Mode == GumballMode.None)
          baseGumball.SetFromPlane(new Plane(currentSelPt, Vector3d.ZAxis));
        conduit.SetBaseGumball(baseGumball, CustomGumballAppearanceSettings());
        conduit.Enabled = true;
        cgt.lineDc = conduit;
        cgt.SetCommandPrompt("Drag gumball or select another point. (<ESC> to exit)");
        conduit.Enabled = false;
        cgt.SetCommandPrompt("Select grasshopper points. (<ESC> to exit)");
      if (cgt.CommandResult() != Result.Success)
        cgt.lineDc.Enabled = false;
      if (cgt.Result() == GetResult.Point)
        // update base gumball
        var gbFrame = conduit.Gumball.Frame;
        var baseFrame = baseGumball.Frame;
        baseFrame.Plane = gbFrame.Plane;
        baseGumball.Frame = baseFrame;


Here is the preview of viewport

Also the GH file is attached. (10.1 KB)

For those who would be interested in solution, its is here