Creation of a continuous surface

Hello, I had 1 important issue again!
I have 2 surfaces which I want to smooth (I use Blend Surfaces), but it is impossible to me. :slightly_frowning_face:
Tell, please, why?

1.3dm (4.5 MB)

Or here:
Untitled.3dm (379.4 KB)

When you join surfaces, their normal directions must match. 1.3dm surfaces have opposite normal directions. Use Dir command or Flip command to reverse some normal directions. Untitled.3dm is OK. Use backface settings in Rhino Options (shown in the following screenshot) to distinguish front faces from back faces.

This could be a solution:
solution.3dm (324.8 KB)

I do not understand why, after many versions of Rhino, is not added to the command โ€œBlend srfโ€ a continuity option with the edges a) and b)
(the VSR plug-in in this case allows this possibility).

Hello - please try the Planar Sections option in BlendSrf and set a vertical plane in the Right view.

Any luck?



looks good, i think one cant repeat often enough to read through the command help. but i also agree with davide, a check for edge continuity would be nice. oh and @davide76 please upload your files generally as version 5, i believe that will even be ok a long way into the version 6, since many may not have it for a while i assume.

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It is useful!

I have Rhino 5

Hi Pascal, huge thanks to you! Excellent resultโ€ฆ :grinning:

It would be useful to have an opportunity to use flat and not flat sections at the same time.