Blend Surface In Rhino

Hi, I am trying to make a model a model as shown in the reference image, i am stuck at the point where i am unable to blend edges of the surface to achieve rounded smooth finish.

Please help ! 2e84fd07-9675-44d3-b966-3da91c2e4a31 Surface Practice Model.3dm (382.3 KB)

you can use SplitEdge to use BlendSrf :

but you will have some issues down there due to the surface direction:

if it a possible way to where i convert this as one object in mesh and then smoothen it ?? will i be able to achieve desired result !

BTW, Thanks for your reply.

Hello - that image is blurry but sure looks like it could be SubD to me… meantime your surface has a problem here with some point messiness that I think I’d clean up before proceeding -


A VariableBlendSrf might be OK -


but he ends/edges do not appear to be planar in your image, nor quite as round as what Diego shows with a BlendSrf, which means it is likely to be a bit of work - but adding a knot to the BlendSrf may allow it to be flattened somewhat to match what the image shows - still, easier in SubD, Rhino 7 Feature: Subdivision Geometry



Owsome that is what i was exactly looking for !

I think i will have to update to Rhino 7…

Thanks a lot @pascal @DiegoKrause For the efforts…