Multiple surfaces from curves

Hi guys

I’m working on a script that can autogenerate floors, ceilings and walls from a 2D dwg drawing.
So far, I’m just importing the dwg directly in Rhino, whereafter I import the curves in grasshopper using a geometry pipeline. However, I’m having trouble creating multiple surfaces from the curves.

So far, the “best” solution I’ve found is using the “boundary surface” component, however this function only creates a single surface from my curves. In this case, it simply creates a surfaces for my walls

It is important that I create a set of separate floors in each room, as I will be using this script for daylight simulations. Hence, the separate floor surfaces will be used to create simulation planes.

I’ve roamed through the forum for a while now, but I haven’t found a useful solution yet.
Thanks in advance for any help


TestFloorPlan.3dm (32.2 KB)

You can join the curves before creating surfaces. In the definition attached I sorted the curve lengths and culled the perimeter. (7.6 KB)

Thanks for the respons Martin! It worked like a charm!

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Thanks Mark, please click the Solution button in the post above :slight_smile: