Creating Surfaces from List Item, in the next step i need the Edges, but they dont have the same Index!


i dont know how i can descripe my problem well.

I create some Surfaces out of a List Item. (All my surfaces are created by Grasshopper)

It starts correct so i can build the first Group of 6 Surfaces.
For my next step i need the Edges ( Index 1 )of my Surface List for the next Surface.

But after 4 correct surfaces it changes the direction of the point numbers.

Right corner is 0 and after 4 Surfaces the right corner is 3. How can i change that?

I dont know how i can explain that.

Please i need some help.

Grasshopper (82.9 KB)

Found your issue, Edge Srf component does not always build the surfaces with the same edge order. Solved this in your code by grafting the lines and putting them thought a loft instead further back towards the start of your code. Then used another loft with your curves at the end set to straight and closed to make the box sections.

I have only done it for the part you said was not working and not changed the Edge Srf command elsewhere in your code other than in the white groups.

Grasshopper (83.5 KB)

The issue of why it is hard for you to see what is wrong is that you do not understand data trees. This definition is very big for no reason (a lot of copy paste of the same process) So it is very difficult to look at. I simplified the first part of your definition so you see what I am talking about. I am sure it can simplified even further, didn’t have much time. Specifically the part I circled should never happen. Purple is what you had, green is how I changed it, result is the same. (59.4 KB)

Thx for your Help. I solved it with a Surface from 4 Points. Now it works.

thx for the Help. Yes i dont use data trees correct, I dont know them well. Its my first project in GH. There are many try and error faults, it grows when i work on it. But i opend your file and its not the same, and i dont know what happend there so i cant fix it. But i solved the old problem.

I will google Data trees and i will try to learn something about it to make better files.

But i opend your file and its not the same

The results in the part of yours in my file is the same result of what I did in my file, just some values are different. I did not use your entire file. Too much to sort out.

No need, just start from the top here :wink:

Edit: The ModeLab primer links appear to be broken. You can find the DataTree section here.