Creating stochastic lattice

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make this type of geometry:

(taken from a reddit thread where this was 3d printed on a carbon3d printer)

I’ve come to find that those structures are called stochastic lattices. I found this paper that uses grasshopper to make the same structure and I’m trying to recreate and it gives a vague algorithm used. They don’t give the actually .gh file or any real information as to its complexity.

Relevant part:

I’ve managed to make the cube, the Voronoi cells, and the scaling of both the faces and the cells. I can see the edges I would want to connect but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do c and d from the figure. I’m hoping that once I get that planar geometry Weaver Bird and Cap will get me the rest of the way.

I’ve tried to also use MultiPipe but it’s not the same webbed structure and I can’t figure out how to join all of the lines. If there’s a way to use it I’m all ears!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I just can’t figure out how to find those particular 6 edges and turn them into that planar structure. I also have no idea if this is the type of thing where it’s 1 node or 1,000 because the paper doesn’t say.

I’ve attached my .gh file that creates the cube and voronoi cells (7.8 KB)

My end goal is to push the number of cells high and 3d print this structure. Thank you for any help!

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It looks like the authors of that paper are using the method I posted in this thread in the old Grasshopper forum

(there’s a definition there, and it looks like it still works)

Yes! Thank you so much!

That whole thread is amazing. I’m going to work through this to figure out exactly how it works. I can’t believe it’s like 20 nodes in total… I have so much to learn

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