Voronoi Layered Lattice

Hello! Looking to recreate this work from Floster:

Hierarchy Trial 2.ghx (630.5 KB)

The base framework is there which used 3D points to create a 2D voronoi. However, I don’t understand how to “extrude” the form to get the 3D undulating walls of the pattern like in the image.

Any help?


I have not downloaded your file yet.

Did you see the Voronoi Groups component?

Yeah - the voronoi is working, but the 3D aspect illustrated in the image is what I’m looking for.

A simple way to do this is with a trim surface created in Rhino. I internalized an example for such a surface. Note the normal is pointing downwards which might seem wrong at first but the surface is used to create a boolean difference with its bounding box.

The inner voronoi group has some offset problems which I didn’t look at.

PS: not sure why you saved yor definition as GHX? Usually a Grasshopper definition is saved as GH

Hierarchy Trial 2.gh (53.8 KB)

Ah, I see what you did. That makes a lot of sense - and totally works for my purpose. Thank you!