Creating solid text that follows semi circle sphere

How to get solid text to follow a sphere solid? My starting point has been to extract the surface but then I get stuck because am not sure how to get the text to mold to the curves surface. I am revisiting the rhino training manual page 155 if that helps. Thank you!

This should be useful:

Thank you, that helped fill in the gaps from the manual. The challenge is getting the letters to stay relatively unwarped. They look like fun house letters…****

HI Petra - when mapping to a sphere, it works best - that is, with less distortion, if you orient the sphere so that the obects map as much as possible to the equator and stay away from the poles of the target sphere. It is easy to map just the curves, with History, if you are using FlowAlongSrf, and adjust the location and orientation of the originals in the flat base surface to edit the mapped objects on the sphere until it looks correct - these updates will be fast for curves. When it looks right, flow the solids, if that is what you have, say extrusions of the curves, from the base to the target surface.