Arranging contour slices in a rectangular grid layout for laser cutting

(Ken Marold) #1

I’m stuck on one aspect of my script regarding layout. I’m slicing an object and then doing a make2d to flatten all of my curves to z=0. I then want to move each individual layer slice to a different position but when I do using rectangular array it moves all the layers the same amount. I need help understanding a solutions for this. Thanks! (2.2 MB)

(Amir Touhidi) #2

why the make2d? just orient/project those curves (2.2 MB)

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(Seghier khaled) #3

you can also do this

(Ken Marold) #5

Would you mind sharing the .gh file?

(Seghier khaled) #6 (2.2 MB)

(Ken Marold) #7

Thanks Seghier. One more question :grimacing: what would be the best way to incrementally number each slice for etching with a laser cutter?

(Seghier khaled) #8

i don’t have any idea about laser cutter, i believe many people can help you here

(Laurent Delrieu) #9

You could use something like that, I used a series component to generate numbers, then concatenate (2.2 MB)

I used OpenNext text component, there is also a good component in Bowerbird that has text alignement

For laser cutting you will have to bake cutting in one color and etching in another color.
I use SVG export to lasercut or dxf export with Elefront plugin

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