Creating single surface from mesh

I feel like I could find this although I have been searching for two hours now and no luck. One could say that’s a respectable amount of time.

I see the drape command being capable of creating a single surface. But this is only one side of my mesh. I would like a copy of the full 3D mesh. I don’t care if it’s not exactly the correct shape, just a rough shape is fine. The mesh is a jewelry ring.

Thank you in advance!

Hello - why do you need a single surface? Would two or more joined surfaces do, for your purposes?


I’m having trouble with my computer at the moment and locked myself out of the forum account. Now I can’t upload although the answer to your question is it is a very complicated mesh and I think it would be difficult to manually do it. It is created from randomizing rhino commands and I would like to ultimately flowalongsrf.

I can’t find another way to do this unless it is one surface.