Creating schedules in Rhino

I am modelling a piece on Rhino that has various parts to it. When I create a drawing of it, I’d like to reference these parts easily. Is there a way to create an automatic schedule for these parts in the layout? Any help would be appreciated!

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Blocks??? Block instances?


They’re not block instances - I’m working with polysurfaces.

I am not really a “block” guy, but again you may want to look at how Rhino uses “block” and “block instances” to see if it will get you where you want. A block is a collection of Rhino objects that you can insert in to your drawing where needed. Those objects (blocks) can be polysurfaces, curves, whatever. Let’s say you want to put in a bunch of bolts, all the same size. You can draw just one, turn it into a block definition, insert that bolt (block) anywhere in your drawing. Then using the block manager you can interrogate your drawing for all of the blocks. Block manager gives you a list (schedule) of the blocks that you are using. Just a thought…

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Thank you for your suggestions! I eventually had to abandon the question - this was essentially meant to replace a revit workflow and that didn’t seem feasible in terms of time. It would be great if there were more capabilities on this front in the future, though!