Referencing existing geometry as blocks

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I was wondering if somebody might be able to help me out with this Block business. I am trying to create a modular model in grasshopper and then manipulate it and fine tune it in Rhino. My problem is due to the quantity of elements my Rhino is really struggling with the file. I have been looking into Blocks to try and improve the efficiency of the file but this is where I have hit an impasse.

What I’m wondering is, I have a series of potentially identical pieces. would it be possible to define one of them as a block and then get rhino to scan the document and replace any identical elements with that block instance?

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P.S. If a large number of elements are referenced as one block does this actually have any positive effect on the efficiency or size of the file? Is there any point in doing that?

There definitely is a benefit to using blocks for repetitive elements…with a few quirks.

It’s possible through scripting to attempt to find the identical items, assuming there is enough that you can examine to figure out the orientation, but there’s no command as such to attempt that. Could you not do the blocking at the Grasshopper stage?

Oh I see, I hadn’t realised there were block commands with Grasshopper! Thank you, okay, this allowed me to get halfway there with some of the repeating elements.

However the others are generated through a series of Grasshopper commands, as such it’s difficult to automate the block creation in the early stages. Do you happen to know where I could acquire this “Search” script, there should be lots of identical elements potentially, down to the same orientation. For example the triangular panels or the support beams underneath them?

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