Creat block using Rhino common which includes plan in the block geometry list

Hi all,
I am Looking for a possibility to create a block using Rhino common. And if it does exist, is there a possibility to record plane and Vector Information in the block geometry elements list ?.


first port of call should almost always be a quick search:

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I do this in grasshopper all the time. If that approach would suffice i can post an example.

Are you looking for the plane/vector of the block instance? That does complicate things. Attaching user data to the block instance vs to elements inside the block.

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yes, I Need the easiest solution to get the rotations of all the blocks of my Rhino doc. I know when you creat a block Rhino will save ist state of Rotation. but how can I extract the Rotation in relevance to that state for all the blocks?. Now I am using minimal bounding box. but the algorithm is slow if you have huge number of Elements and I am Looking for a better varriant.

I have seen that you can get the FormX using human Plugin. But I found it too much. I just Need a plan and I know it is a Rhino object. I just want to store it on the block so I can get it back when I explode the blocks.

If you have an InstanceObject you can get its InstanceXform

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Uses Elefront

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adding the Rotation back to the blocks as user text

This is it prety much. Thanks !