Does a Block Correspond to a Mathematical Object?

I’m trying to understand more about the logic behind blocks in Rhino. Does anyone know if there are similar concepts in math/programming (@DanielPiker maybe)?

When combined with other operations and/or nesting, I find their potential effects pretty hard to think about. Seems like maybe that’s a shared feeling:

Hi @Brayton_Orchard,

A programming concept which is closely related to blocks and I assume how they are implemented in rhino is the so called instanced drawing.

The linked page goes into quite a lot of detail, but to give a short overview:

  • GPUs draw the meshes given to them one after the other
  • If you know multiple objects are topologically the same and only differ in their transformation matrix you can have the GPU render all of those instances (block instances in rhino) in parallel, greatly speeding up the time it takes to draw them.

I would consider a “block” a link.