Creating prosthetic leg surface model from mesh

Hey community,

I’m working on trying to make a clean surface of a residual limb (amputated leg) from a mesh file.
I like how simple the surface is getting, but it’s still very complex at the bottom and I don’t know how to simplify it. The goal is to get a simple and elegant model, it’s ok if it starts to lose a bit of accuracy from the mesh. Any tips? Thank you!


  1. Adding guide curves to the mesh
  2. QuadRemesh [100 quads, using guide curves]
  3. Cleaning up the points with Slide and moveUVN
  4. toNURBS

TF socket_v1.0.3dm (1.2 MB)

that complexity is just a byproduct of the process.

you could try fitsrf on those surfaces or rebuild and then matchsrf to get it joined again.

or you could rebuild that surface manually with rail revolve and have a singularity at the south pole.

you may even try a fitsrf on the whole model using a slightly less than file tolerance, however that level of surface complexity should not be prohibitive for anything you’d want to do with that model.