Mesh To Surface Rebuild

Hello all,

I’m currently struggling with this mesh being slightly too complex to be reverse engineered into a single surface. xNurbs is failing with the lowest angle accuracy resulting in some badly trimmed srf. The patch version (left) seems not accurate enough to be used, as it will serve as a reference surface to build cutters.
anyone has an idea on how to get a better result than the two present?

srfToRebuild.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Ben - DupBorder on that surface and turn on CurvatureGraph , at a lowish setting 70 or so. The locations where the graph goes nuts are likely loops in that trimming curve. Zoom way in to do the surgery, then retrim with a cleaner curve.


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Thanks Pascal for having taken the time to look into this.
It works as expected once the curve is clean.