Leg shaped loft

Hi Forum users,

I would like to create a clean surfaceloft from my scanned meshed leg lower limb . But it doesn’t work out well.
What I did is the following.

I’ve opened the meshed model and created the contours at every 40mm with the command “_Contour”.
Then I rebuild the contours to a curve with 20 control points and the max deviation is 1mm. Perfect for what I want.
But if I loft the model, it doesn’t create a lower leg like the scan.

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

best regards,


Hi Sander,

Without any images or file it’s hard to tell what might be the problem or cause.
Can you share the file or images of it.


Hi Willem,

Thanks for your reaction. In the attachment I’ve addded 3 captures in different stadia. Hopefully it’s clear to you.
As you can see, the loft doesn’t match the Original shape of the leg.

What I would like to accomplish is to get al the control points on the same vertical line, so I get a smooth new surface.
Perhaps I should redraw every sectioned contour with a new curve with the control points on predefined positions.

Try a network surface instead.

Hi Sander,

It seems that there is indeed an issue with loft not getting the start positions alighned.

What I’d try is contour curves closer to eachother and see what these give as a result.
Also rebuilding the curves with the tool RebuildCrvNonUniform might give curves with better fidelity to the original mesh.

Another option would be to Loft the original contour curves and set the loft surface to rebuild with as many cpts and you think fit:

In addition you can (like @RicardoAmaral suggests) add curves in the height direction by making sections of the mesh in the topview and use the NetworkSrf command