Creating porous structure by importing CAD Model

I am trying to make Solid works CAD file porous using Rhino Grasshopper. Is it possible to create a custom CAD file porous by importing it to Grasshopper or importing it into Rhino? I am a beginner at Rhino

Hi @vikashkumar0603,

you can import models into rhino and reference them to grasshopper.
I think you should provide some sketch or reference of what you want to achieve so someone may give you some hints.
Also it is always a good idea to search the forum previously.
And also sharing the file will increment the possibility to help you

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dec11a.SLDPRT (56.8 KB)

Hi McNeel
Thanks for your quick and informative response. I could import the CAD model into Rhino, but My main goal was to make it uniformly porous, as I mentioned in the attachment. Consider this as a unit cell, which needs to be spread overall CAD Geometry. Kindly tell me the procedure or suggest any video for the step procedure.