Creating custom porous in imported CAD model

I am trying to make Solid works CAD file porous using Rhino Grasshopper. Is it possible to create a custom CAD file porous by importing it to Grasshopper or importing it into Rhino? I am a beginner at Rhino.

I could import the CAD model into Rhino, but My main goal was to make it uniformly porous, as I mentioned in the attachment. Consider this as a unit cell, which needs to be spread overall CAD Geometry. Kindly tell me the procedure or suggest any video for the step procedure.

dec11a.SLDPRT (56.8 KB)

Uniform… and also ordered? The pores in your cube are placed in a grid…

“this”? … what do you mean with that sentence? You want to make pores over a brep/polysurface? Is that cell element a pore? Please be specific. Explain better, please.

Generally speaking, i would use “Populate geometry” to get some raw point, then use “Sphere collide” with kangaroo to make them uniform, while the points are kept on the surface with “OnMesh” or similar.
Then with the output of kangaroo, make brep closest point, create a plane from the point+normal, orient your “pore cutter” and do a solid boolean on your geometry.

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Duplicated thread.

Kindly search a bit on the forum and kindly refine your goals
Mesh or nurbs
What is a porous material. Open holes, closed holes ? Shape of the holes?
Does some surfaces need to still be functional? Nice where, ugly where?
Are you not searching for lattice structures? Kindly use this keyword.