Creating multiple surfaces from a data tree

combined_waves.ghx (597.3 KB)

I’ve been trying to create this structure composed of multiple surfaces, where the surface is defined by the output of an expression.

I do this by dividing a surface into points, then moving points and finally rebuilding the surface from the new points. This works, but only if i treat each surface indipendently (i.e. using one eval for each surface). What I would prefer is to merge all my surfaces and apply the same expression to all, before creating all the new surfaces. I tried everything I could find, but it never works.

Hopefully the example will make it more clear.

Thanks for any help

Can you post a GH definition of what you have so far?

Hi Martin, I just added the file to the original post. Thanks.

Ok I’m looking at it. Not sure why you saved it as *.ghx I think *.gh would be sufficient. At least on my PC *.gh opens with Rhino automatically which is not the case with *.ghx …

When using the upload button in the post editor, it always fails saying the file is of size 0, so I tried a different format just in case. In the end I used drag and drop on the editor and it worked with the ghx. Should I reupload the gh for convenience?

All you really need to do is add an Entwine component so the three points of the surfaces are kept in separate paths. (39.9 KB)

Amazing. Thanks!

Whould the same approach work if I generated my initial surfaces using move with a series?

Not sure what that means?

Sorry I was not very clear.

Instead of creating multiple individual surfaces at the beginning, It would be convenient to create a single one and the multiply it using a series of moves. I have attached an example of what I have in mind. Again thanks for looking into this. (11.1 KB)

You were only missing a Shift Path component. (39.9 KB)

Wow it worked - Thanks a lot, I had lost hope at this point.

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Thanks. Please click the solution button to mark this topic as solved :slight_smile: