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Hello everyone, I need help.
I am trying to make a parametric surface by rebuilding points. I tried all points of the surface to go up and down by the Z axis. But I want just one point to move more flexibly. I separated the point but I don’t know how to make a surface from the points I have got.

I attached a GH file. welcome any advice and tips.

There’s the surface from points component (12.1 KB)
as Martin said, see the use of surface from point (30.1 KB)

Thank y’all. It helps me to make what I want but I want to make it smarter, haha. I made it in a bit unsmart way because I failed to organize list data that I splitted (Figure 003).

As you can see in the bottom picture, A is the original data list and I separated the data to B,C because I want to give C more flexibility of movement.
Now in order to make the surface from points(E), I have to reorganize the lists (D). But it doesn’t work due to the wrong order. It is not like the order of the data list like A.

Is there a way of reorganizing the data like the way it used to be?

Thank you for your time guys. I really appreciate it.

Surf_From_Points_With (13.2 KB)
since you are splitting the list into 2 and then trying to combine them back, there are 2 components that can work in tandem, Sift Pattern and Combine Data.
see the example I’m attaching and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you so much, you are a lifesaver!!
Can I split one more point to make it move flexibly? It’s the same but two points have their own movement. I have tried to use a merge component as a pattern but I am stuck again…

You can go with many sifts as you can, I don’t suggest merging outputs since you won’t retain the “Nulls” in your case they are important. see proposed solution.
Surf_From_Points_With (17.2 KB)

If you are looking to add more flexible points you will likely need to use Split Tree and work on a more complex data structure.

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Wow… Thank you so much… I really need to understand the managing data trees lol. Would you recommend any website or course to learn it??

there is a very good youtube playlist by David Rutten, Grasshopper’s Father. Totally Recommended.

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Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day!

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