Creating interlocking between multiple breps [lumber] in a reciprocal inspired structure

Hello everyone.

I am preparing a reciprocal inspired structure which is generated by using triangular tessellation.

The idea to join them together is not to only do joints on one of the members, but half-half in both so we interlock X and Y forces.

I started by generating a center line for each member and find the closest distance, by then trying to create the surfaces, but it’s not that trivial. Mainly facing data structuring problems.

The idea is that the joints have to become like this:

And here is the script, as far as I got.

Thank (37.0 KB)

Tip: search waffle in this and the old Forum. If memory serves well there’s some solutions using native components around (some bad/very slow, some better).

Anyway I have some C# that do similar type of stuff:

But they are 100% code based defs thus propably 100% useless for you (if you don’t speak the language).

Anyway I could provide an over simplified version of the above … if you can’t find anything suiatble and/or if no other good Samaritan … blah, blah.