Creating handlebar tape / sweep on rail

Hi there,

I am trying to model handlebar tape on Grasshopper like this picture :

What I want is to have a grasshopper program that can generate tape on any kind of tubular shape input.

I managed to create a spinning curve on the outside of the tube :

And I have a tape profile that I want to extrude along this curve :

I tried different solutions to get the right tape shape (sweep 1 rail, extrude along, project curves) but I only managed to get it work by using sweep 2 rails but with a second curve (controlled with a slider but the correct value is kind of “random” to find) :

(I don’t really know how the sweep 2 rails function works because here the two curves are really close)

I was wondering is there is a way to extrude the tape profile to be normal to the surface of the pipe and at the same time following the curvature of the curve.

Thanks (21.0 KB)

Just a thought…Since your tube is based on a circular cross section, if you first wrapped the tape profile around a straight cylinder of the same length as the handlebar, and then used something like Flow Along Surface or Sporph, to map it onto the handlebar it might save you some headaches.

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