Help | Wrapping Around a Pipe

Hello everyone,

I am beginner in Grasshopper. I’m trying to create a coating that wraps around a pipe. I already have the curve prepared, and I want to transform it into a layer with a specific thickness and width. I’ve tried to do this, but haven’t been successful so far. I couldnt create a shape perpendicular to the curve. Could anyone assist me with this?

Thank you in advance for your help! (16.6 KB)

This is a little hasty and lazy… It won’t work if the pipe is not a vertical cylinder. :thinking: (24.9 KB)

P.S. Another quick hack… Isocurves sorta work but not really. Will try again.

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P.S. Not sure why yet but this gets wacky when the ‘Offset’ value is too low, causing tape overlap.

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I’m still not sure why Sweep 1 fails like this when the ‘Offset’ value is too low:

But lofting the same sections works as expected:

It doesn’t actually overlap wraps with respect to tape thickness, of course, but that isn’t expected.

Also, this model doesn’t actually wrap tape on curved surfaces. The tape remains flat due to rectangular sections.

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There was a similar discussion there


Maybe I didn’t explain it well earlier. Actually, your first example is what I need. I already have a vertical pipe, and the curve indicates the direction of the layer around the pipe.

I appreciate your second suggestion as well; it will also be useful for my next phase. Thank you so much!

Thank you! It will be usefull.

Version ‘15c’ should work on the vertical cylinder too, eh? Oh, I guess not without several changes: (23.8 KB)

It is perfect! Thank you so much.
I want the tape to cover the pipe completely, without overlapping itself or leaving any part of the pipe exposed. How we can do it?

In theory, set the ‘Offset’ slider to the same value as ‘Tape Width’, or use one slider for both. In practice, that causes an “Invalid Brep” from Loft but using a slightly smaller value for ‘Offset’ appears to work (5.315 instead of 5.316). Too bad Swp1 is useless when the tape wraps touch. (28.7 KB)

Yes I got it, thank you so much!

This is one way to add wall thickness to the pipe: (29.3 KB)

It’s completely what I want. Thank you! I’m appreciated.