Sweep surface along guide curves and blend - grasshopper

Hello all, I’m trying to merge some extruded cylinders at a node.
To do it, I’ve divided the cylinders into quarters and created guidelines to create the extruded surface.

I have used sweep2 and used the two curves created to guide the surface but I can’t get the first surface to precisely match the surface on the adjacent cylinder.

See sketches below which hopefully explain what I’m trying to say.

I believe this can be done ‘easily’ in Rhino with BlendSurface but I’m trying to automate this operation.

Thanks in advance!

test.3dm (58.8 KB)

You could look for “y-branch” in this forum to find different approches for doing this.
One standard way see attached…
do offsetSrf at last!
test_re.3dm (337.3 KB)


Thanks Ferry, that looks pretty much like what I want to do, but I’m trying to do this in grasshopper.
I’ll look for ‘y-branch’ online, thank you.

This will become difficult in grasshopper, in particular when the number of the cylinders increase.
If its just for display-purposes of for printing you might consider to use meshes instead. Mutch easier to construct.
This example uses Weaverbird’s loop-subdiv for smoothing and wbThicken.
test_re.gh (8.0 KB)

Thanks Ferry!

I haven’t got Exoskeleton, I’ll get it installed a give it a try.
Ideally I’d like to avoid meshes but if there’s no better way I might have to go with that.

Many thanks

I’m sorry, ExoW is among the mesh-tools so I wasn’t aware that I installed, thought its standard in gh.