Extruding along curve


Im trying to create a certain shape based out of 2 profiles (green in the image) with an extrusion. This extrusion should actually follow the nurb curve (blue line in the image). But if i use sweep1, sweep2 it creates a really weird shape which is not what i want.

If i use loft it creates directly the shape but without the curve i want on the sides (according to the blue nurb curve line)

By using extrude along curve, this gives actually the closest result what i want but not entirely. Am i approaching this wrong?

Hope someone can help me out with it

Share a file?

@corellaman I made it in grasshopper

Script - 3D Volume.gh (14.3 KB)

Inputs were backwards in your Swp2 - you were using section curves as rails.

Nonetheless, you only have one ‘rail’, so I think for this one you needed to use Swp1 to get something like this:


HOWEVER, this causes an issue at one extremity of the swept shape:

*A quick edit (if your case allows for it) would be to tweak the position/control points of your ‘rail’ curve (which I see you can do given your parameters forming that curve), for instance: