Paneling Tools - Adjusting Perimeter Points

Hello All,

I am having an issue with Paneling tools as it relates to the forming a grid points and eventually a grid on a surface that is not rectangular or square. The perimeter points is what is giving me the most trouble. I cannot get the grid to connect the way I want. Can anyone help? Is there a way to add points or delete points with the software automatically renaming the points?

I got the points by intersecting isocurves pulled from the surface. The location where the the surface is trimmed though, the commands adds a point which screws things up a bit. Please take a look at the images. The second one is what happens when I try forming a panel grid (note the overlapping lines).

Also does anyone have a GH script i can use to add or decrease points on the surface, thus manipulating the size of each panel? Thanks so much for your time.

Hi @hacopi
You can certainly delete and add points. If you click on any individual point, you see in the properties/Name, the row and column location of that point. If you create new points, simply add a name (same format) and it will fall in the place you specify. This should be a last resort. You should not have to do that. Looking at the duplicate lines in your second image, looks like you have additional points in your grid, or the grid is messed up for some reason.
If you are using isocurves, why couldn’t you use something like ptGridSurfaceDomainNumber to generate the grid? See image below. Is that what you are after?

Hi Rajaa - thanks for your reply. Please see my question in the image to further illustrate my concern. Since the surface is trimmed - there are points that apply to part of the surface that is no longer there. Most of them I can simply delete as they are not part of the trimmed surface. But the issue is evident at that corner where the panel would have 6 side. Is there any way to resolve this? Also, I’m pretty sure there is a grasshopper script already written to further subdivide or increase panels with sliders. Is there a way you can share the grasshopper script with me?

You should not have to trim manually. If you use ptPanelGrid, and select the reference trimmed surface, PT will trim it for you. You really do not need to have the grid points align on the edge, unless you need them there for specific reason?