Creating faceted shapes?

I’m looking to model these sorts of rounded and faceted shapes. Have been playing around with the fillet tool (results pictured in screenshots) but it doesn’t reach that organic-like shape happening in the photos. Any suggestions of tools or alternate options within the fillet tools to achieve these sorts of gentle rounded and edges are much appreciated!

start with BlendEdge or FilletEdge or anything similar with variable fillets to cut up your blocks. now explode the object and delete all the blends or fillets. replace the left over flat surfaces with EdgeSrf or SrfPt or loft 2 sides, this is to ensure that the next step produces proper surface transitions. then use BlendSrf around the entire object leaving lips open as seen below.

finally use BlendSrf again with either of the colored sides to close up that lip.

another method would be to transform everything into mesh and use either smooth or you use weaverbird to create subdivision out of it. that might be more handier depending on what you need it for, the upper solution really is just for nurbs and even for this not the very best.

Thank you so much for your suggestions!!

Another way (if you are using v6) is to type Testsetbackblendedge in the command line. It’s quick and does a fairly good job, so long as you don’t go too mad with the fillet sizes.