Creating different mesh layers using pointcloud data

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I have point data that I already imported into Rhino, and I used the mesh box to create a mesh. Now I want to create a small mesh in the middle of this model. Later, I want to use this to create a volume mesh and use the f3grid file in FLAC3D to create a new model with the correct geometry. I marked the section in the picture for better understanding. Any assistance would be appreciated.


The section I want to create is something like the following: 'Scshot.


Hi Umer - can you please post the Rhino file that you have so far?


updatemod.3dm (72.9 KB)

Hi Umer - is this about right?

updatemod_Maybe.3dm (129.1 KB)


Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is the Rhino file I created using point data. These points are calculated in Rhino using Grashoper.


Hi Umer - the file I posted has this:

Is that not what you are after?


Thanks a lot! It looks perfect, but is it possible to create a small mesh in this shaded region? Can you explain how you do that because I just started using Rhino?

Hi Umer - you can probably just use MeshBox, snapping to the corner points of the set of points that is there, if you want a full closed mesh ar0und those points. You can also use BoundingBox on the points and then the Mesh command on the bounding box.

updatemod_Maybe2.3dm (329.3 KB)


Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

Thanks for all your replies. I want to ask if it is possible to cut the mesh at a specific point. Is there a command for this?

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