Quad Mesh From Point Cloud

Hey guys, I have an inquiry about whether or not Rhino has commands to make a model.
Check out the attached 3dm file.
Also see attached xls file that I used to make the point cloud for the 3dm file.
Note: the 3dm file has only one set of x,y,z coordinates (1 of 4 in the Excel file).

I want to make a quad mesh from the point clouds in each of the 5 cross sections seen in the model.
Working with Rhino 6 I used Mesh Patch to create the results in the 3dm file.
I don’t want triangles, only squares, and the bottom right corner I want smooth/rounded.
Then I want to ‘extrude’ section 1 to section 2 to section 3 to section 4 to section 5 with spline type transitions so all the quad cells are individual fibers.
Is this possible with Rhino out of the box?
Or would a Python script or GH be necessary to do this?

Thanx for your input!

WireMesh1a.3dm (249.0 KB)

Model Subvolume Coordinates.zip (87.2 KB)

Hello - something like this?


Pretty close to perfect-o!
How’d you do it?
Rhino7 or 6?
Can the extrusions be automated or is it all manual?

Hello - this is in V7, working from QuadRemesh > SubD output > DupFaceBorder > Loft, so far. I am not at all sure how easy that would be to automate reliably.


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OK, thanx.
Looking at the Excel file, do you think it can be done w/GH?
And did you Remesh my mesh or start w/the points on the Points layer?

Well, I am not enough of a grasshoppist to know for sure, but I’d guess it would need a custom script at some point to correctly parse that file - after that, you’d need to somehow match up the faces resulting from QuadRemesh, which I did ‘by eye’ in the Rhino viewport just to see if I know what we are talking about… so there are hurdles, I would say.


OK, sounds good.
At least we’re part-way there ‘automatically’ using a few commands.
Thanx for the help!

Replace the file path with your local file path. Loading might take a few seconds.

Requires this Excel plugin. Download from Food4Rhino

read_excel_xyz_point_mesh.gh (19.3 KB)

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Thanx Martin, let me give it a try.
Amazing how you threw that together!

I just tried downloading the GHexcel install file.
Since my workstation is offline, when trying to install the add-in it tries to connection to the internet, so it won’t work. Any chance you can post the add-in here so I can download it? I’m currently using Rhino 6.


You either have to download an Excel Plugin from Food4Rhino.

Or export a CSV from Excel… Below is a GH file that converts your data in a CSV to XYZ points and into 5 meshes

Model Subvolume Coordinates.csv (116.4 KB)

read_csv_xyz_point_mesh.gh (19.4 KB)

CSV is no problem, that’s what I converted it to to bring into Rhino the first time.
Do you think there’s a way to automate what Pascal did with the extrusions?
Meanwhile I’ll try your new GH pgm.

Like this?

read_csv_xyz_point_mesh.gh (23.6 KB)

Pretty slick, but…
The extrusion has to intersect all 5 cross-sections at the corresponding position in the cross-section.
Scroll up and you can see how Pascal did it.

I’m embarassed to say but how did you get that gh pgm to run in Rhino?
I think I set the directory correctly: RMB on the 1st cell and pick “Select one existing file”.
But how do I get it to build the sections like you did?
I’m running Rhino 6.
Do I need Rhino 7?

What error do you get? Any GH components going orange or red ?

Beginning 6 modules are gray, but the rest of them (where they branch out) are orange.
Does’t seem to be passing the data to them.
In which version of Rhino are the commands available?

The previous file had a small mistake in the loft settings, other than that I’m not sure what’s going wrong on your side.

This file works in Rhino 5: read_csv_xyz_point_mesh.gh (15.6 KB)

Let me try your new GH file.
Thanx again for helping!

OK, it ran and failed again.
Check it out:

Clean Top has numbers
Clean Middle has ASCII symbols and characters and is gibberish
Clean Bottom has no data.

I tried to figure out what you did and maybe fix it, but can’t yet, b/c I’m new to GH.

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