Creating Diamond Panels in Grasshopper without Plug in

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I am trying to created a diamond panel without using plugins like lunchbox . I am fairly new to grasshopper but how does one take the approach in creating a diamond panel without plugins in grasshopper. I am bot akkowed to use plug ins so I am finding it a bit diffcult

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It’s really easy to use plug-ins. Just download it from Food4Rhino and copy the file inside the components folder


Then reset rhino and then you’re good to go.
I recommend using Lunchbox, it´s really easy!

Creating panels without a plug-in is really a waste of time. If you really want to, here’s the script: (12.3 KB)

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Try to find a way to create surfaces from lines

paneling with (8.8 KB)


there is an easy way to do this. ?

“Easy”? (10.5 KB)

Thank you. but your method is tricky. and takes a long time. :thinking:

It only takes a long time when the increment (‘Distance’ slider value) is very small relative to the surface size, increasing the number of contour lines and squares exponentially. What have you got?

Surface Split the tool works for a long time.

I explained what causes that. So you’ve got nothing better? I thought so or you wouldn’t have asked.

Kangaroo has been shipped in GH since R6 released, so no reason not to use it anymore…


look at my method. (287.9 KB)

I looked but can’t be bothered to figure out what parts are relevant and what parts are not. I see that you have only 188 “squares”, which are not squares at all. If you increase the slider value to 1.5 in the model I posted, you get 180 squares very quickly.

Very nice indeed! Thank you, that’s good to know. (7.2 KB)

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I find GH code to be much more useful than images alone.

Dispatch does the same thing as two Cull Pattern components. (9.5 KB)

the Fragment Patch takes less time. (9.4 KB)