How to create a diamond panel in grasshopper on fluid geometry

how to create a diamond panel in grasshopper on fluid geometry.



Start with Kangaroo for initial/base geometry from there triangulation (Kangaroo, Lunchbox, custom script), fabrication can be done through Ivy plugin or else any other method.


This thread may help also:

Yep, as per the comments above. Relax something using Kangaroo2 or keep things nurbs based, then mesh to diamonds. You can use M+ tools if you have a surface, and the diagonalize component in K2 if it’s a mesh:

As always - it’s useful to include the source of reference images when asking for help in replicating them. (if you have an image and don’t know the original source, put it into TinEye or Google reverse Image search)
This one is a project by SoftLab, and they even have a page on the formfinding process they used including an example Kangaroo definition!


Thank you.