Hatch maker plug-in for v6

Here it is complied for Windows V6. I had wanted to rewrite this so it worked on both Windows and Mac, but I won’t keep you waiting while I figure that out.

Only thing different in this version is that while it still writes a *.pat file, the hatch pattern will also be added to the file.

As for documentation for use, the plug-in adds one command: makeHatch. The quick rundown for the options would be: X and Y padding is how much room to add between repeating the curves selected. Currently you can only have non-negative values (so no overlapping). DecimationTolerance is how roughly curves are broken into line segments. The plug-in tries to come up with something reasonable based on the bounding box size and the file tolerance; tighter tolerance = longer definitions. MaxBboxGap is the number of bounding boxes a curve can be hidden before being drawn again (because all hatch lines are infinite); higher numbers = longer definitions. Preview sizes are pretty straight forward.

makeHatch.rhp (85.5 KB)




This is so fantastic, thank you!

I do have a question - I made a Stack Bond 4x6" with .125 space in both x & y. Works great, except I can’t seem to set the Hatch Base properly. I’d like to be able to hit the Set Base button on the Hatch Properties panel, and select the bottom-left corner of a wall and have it set the base there, but it keeps being at least a few inches off.


Thanks again for the helpful plugin!

Great script, congrats Sam!

Through experimenting, I found that if you draw your custom shapes starting from the origin, the resulting hatch base will work properly. Otherwise the distance from the origin to the shapes will be reflected in the hatch also.


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Hiya @SamPage,

I’ve come across your MakeHatch script and it looks fantastic! So useful as an architecture student to be able to make your own hatches easily as I do a lot of line work drawings.

I got the plugin working on the uni PC’s but now on my own Mac laptop I can’t get the plugin to work - I’m on Rhino 5.

I renamed the file to be a .DLL and made an enclosing folder - and I double click to install and it says its successful but the command does not appear. I appreciate that it might be outside your expertise but just wondered if you had any tips?

Many thanks,


Hi Sam,

This script is great, but I am having a little trouble trying to make a brick pattern. The pattern starts out fine, but on a large area something starts to shift and I don’t know why.
Here is what my input curves look like.
Any help you can offer would be great. Thanks!

@SamPage, fyi… ^^


Huh, I think what you are seeing is a limitation of Rhino hatching (perhaps?) @pascal can you take a look at the attached testHatch.3dm (160.9 KB) turn on the points for the hatch and the curve, select them, and move them @20’<0 Over here, before the move the hatch looks OK, then it starts breaking down after the move. If I then select the broken hatch and change it to a pre-canned Rhino hatch such as Squares, it remains broken, so I don’t think it is the fault of a bad pattern.

The plug-in does need to be rewritten though. It has tolerance problems far away from the origin when it tries to fit non-orthogonal curves, and it is currently written in C++ so it isn’t cross platform – perhaps a good quarantine project for me.


Hi Sam - checking it, thanks.

I see that - just Scale1D does the same kind of thing. Making a new hatch in the scaled rectangle also makes the messy kind.
RH-59441 Hatch - breaks pattern at some scales.


Hi! Did you ever get this to work for mac? :slight_smile:

Hi @SamPage,

Let me know if you want help with this.

– Dale

Hi @SamPage

The plugin works fine in Rhino 7 , i tried to import it in Grasshopper via C# or GhPython but without success
Is there any update or source to recompile it?

Hi, I used to use this plugin all the time for making various patterns, but nowadays it seems to just be outputting garbage and I can’t figure out why. It’s kind of disappointing that I’ve lost this super useful tool.

An up to date build of this would be so helpful @SamPage. After an exhaustive search, and without resorting to rhinoscript, it seems there is literally no other way to make a custom pattern in rhino(!!!) which i can’t help feeling is a huge gap for a CAD progam! Mcneel should hire you to do this. I find it doesn’t work (misalignment issues) in Rhino7 as other users also have experienced. Currently trying to dig out an old copy of rhino to use it with. R

Bumping this thread - any updates on getting a stable ‘makehatch’ solution?

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Hi All, @benjamin @jsb.walker @seghierkhaled @eap95 @pascal @seflorance @Zsolti @Alan_Farkas

I made a hatchmaker to get around the loss of @SamPage 's. it’s interactive on this post here:

Hope this helps!


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