Hatch maker plug-in for v6



Here it is complied for Windows V6. I had wanted to rewrite this so it worked on both Windows and Mac, but I won’t keep you waiting while I figure that out.

Only thing different in this version is that while it still writes a *.pat file, the hatch pattern will also be added to the file.

As for documentation for use, the plug-in adds one command: makeHatch. The quick rundown for the options would be: X and Y padding is how much room to add between repeating the curves selected. Currently you can only have non-negative values (so no overlapping). DecimationTolerance is how roughly curves are broken into line segments. The plug-in tries to come up with something reasonable based on the bounding box size and the file tolerance; tighter tolerance = longer definitions. MaxBboxGap is the number of bounding boxes a curve can be hidden before being drawn again (because all hatch lines are infinite); higher numbers = longer definitions. Preview sizes are pretty straight forward.

makeHatch.rhp (85.5 KB)


Hatch maker plug-in for 64bit


This is so fantastic, thank you!

I do have a question - I made a Stack Bond 4x6" with .125 space in both x & y. Works great, except I can’t seem to set the Hatch Base properly. I’d like to be able to hit the Set Base button on the Hatch Properties panel, and select the bottom-left corner of a wall and have it set the base there, but it keeps being at least a few inches off.


Thanks again for the helpful plugin!