Hatchs in layouts

how can i add hatchs in a layout detail? Id like to make my slab look like concrete does in architectural drawings>? Thanks!

I’m probably not understanding the issue. If your curves are in model space, you will have to add the hatches in model space. They will be visible in the details on the layout.

You can actually copy your curves to layout space (watch out for scaling) and hatch them there, then delete the curves that you copied to layout. The hatches will stay and only be visible in the detail. However, if you move the detail around, the hatches will no longer correspond to the object.

Otherwise, make your hatches on a layer you can turn off when you don’t want to see them, and just turn on that layer when you print the layouts… --Mitch

You’d have to outline the area you wanna hatch in layout space, group it with the detail and lock it.

Also, testChangeSpace might help here. Make a detail active, select a curve from model space and testChangeSpace - it will be in exactly the same location but in layout space now.


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thank you!!! so many questions today all answered so well! what a great forum!

Ooh la, ooh la… :smile:

^ The problem is that it literally “moves/projects” the model space objects to paper space, meaning it’s not there in the model anymore and the new paper space objects are not identical to the model ones that just ceased to exist.

Ah, perhaps it needs a copy option then… --Mitch

Yep, Copy=Yes/No is in there in the next Rhino version…


Nice, are we starting versioning of test Commands


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can you explain how and from where to import hatches? I am looking for a concrete hatch. Also is there a 3d hatch? Thanks!

See these threads:

[quote="ethank, post:12, topic:20039"] is there a 3d hatch? [/quote] That one you'll have to explain a bit more.

Thanks for your reply, I guess I was wondering if for say a concrete slab there was a hatch that would fill a volume with a pattern ?

Well, the short answer is no, there isn’t.

It does sound a lot like a wish that I have asked for earlier. Objects and layers should have an extra property where you could define the hatch style. My wish was that the hatches become visible in sections through the objects. For that to work for you, though, it sounds like there then should be an extra setting to also show the hatch pattern on the outside surfaces of the object. Or am I putting in too much?