Creating curves from equations

good morning
I’m trying to understand how I can create curves from equations
X equation= - (29 - 23 * cos(u * pi / 6 - 0.0183)) * cos(u * pi * 8)

Y equation= - (29 - 23 * cos(u * pi / 6 - 0.0183)) * sin(u * pi * 8)

Z equation= - 23 * sin(u * pi / 6 - 0.0183)

U Min -1

U Max 1

Step 1024

if you can explain to me why i have difficulty using grasshopper
Thank you for your attention
Turin Italy (10.6 KB)

very kind if you come to turin write me drink a good bottle of red wine
but are you a programmer or an amateur?

Thanks for the invitation. I’m a retired, very bored programmer.

This was literally copy/paste from your post, nothing to it.

why bored? do you miss work?

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Meaningful work, yes. Most of the last ten years or so of my career, not at all.

if I can ask a question, what do you want to do when you grow up? ahhahahahha
I’d like to collaborate with you, why not?
as long as you still want to get involved !!!
this is me
I have lived many faces of my life
with the passion for drawing, as you can see both in boating and mechanics, the computer has changed my life

I have been a designer since September 1980 first with the drawing board
first mechanic, I designed machine tools, automation, ect
then with rhino that develops surfaces I discovered that I could draw and build boats, in aluminum.

I just closed my LinkedIn account ten days ago so can’t see the first one of your links.

Boats interest me very much, especially Pacific proas (outrigger to windward):

But this forum isn’t the place for such a discussion. Cheers.

ok thank you and keep in touch

hi joseph
could you help me?
I have to do the development of a loft with 2 lines that must rotate with respect to 2 centers
according to the file the excell. to create 2 surfaces
one resides on the axis the other is movedjoseph2.3dm (177.8 KB) joseph.3dm (213.1 KB) 1-24.rar (13.3 KB)

Why two .3dm files? And what do I need the Excel file for? I could read the Excel file with Google Sheets but won’t bother. Sweep 1 seems to work fine? (41.0 KB)

the sweep is not working, here is the image
a sequence of rotations between axis A and axis B must be constructed with grasshoper

How is it possible for you to post five in a row? The forum software limits me to only three replies before requiring someone else to post.

I don’t understand what you are describing, sorry. Where is your GH file?

good morning
so can you help me?

I don’t understand what you are describing, sorry. Where is your GH file?

I can’t create it you can help me out
it’s too complicated for me

I don’t understand what you are describing,. Where is your GH file?

in practice I have to rotate an object first with respect to a center, then the same I have to rotate it with respect to another center
i need a gh file to automate this development, otherwise if i do it by hand it takes a long time

When you can’t formulate a coherent question you’re not likely to get a useful answer, either on your own or from anyone else.