Grasshopper Loft or sweep multiple curves / pave cutters

I have these curves that I was hoping to loft or sweep in grasshopper - I am a novice so my attempts would be useless to upload- I can’t get the items to be recognized as individual sets. File with curves is attached - any help MUCH appreciated!

curves for grasshopper loft or sweep 2.3dm (956.6 KB)

Here is a quick example. (98.2 KB)

thank you so much for that - so i tried doing it with some random curves, and i get this result. can you advise which part of the formula needs to be changed so it aligns the way your example does?

here is the file with the original curves, and a set of new ones so i can understand the difference in formulas. really appreciate your help…
loft example.3dm (43.3 KB)

Best to upload your GH definition, internalising any data.

Maybe this works for you.
loft (7.5 KB)