Equation Based Curves



I was wondering if Rhino has the capability to create an equation-based curve?
For instance, I want to create a curve (or fillet) using the exponentialequation: y=A*x^n

y= height
x= width
A= Constant
n= Constant

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Chase - not directly, no - it may well be something you could do in Grasshopper though.


(John Brock) #3

Doesn’t MathCAD do something along those lines?


Could you give me an idea of how to do it in grasshopper? I just started using GH about 15 mins ago…


Do you mean something like this?

plotgraph.gh (7.5 KB)


Yes that is exactly what I mean. Could you break down what all the modules mean? Sorry, but like I said before I’m very new to grasshopper.


If You know numerical values of the constants you can try this plugin

(Wim Dekeyser) #9

It doesn’t look like you downloaded the grasshopper definition that Arend posted - it’s best to just open that in Grasshopper to see what it does.

In short, you need to generate a range of x-values (I) and plug these into the function (II). That function will spit out the y-values and then both are combined to make points (III) and then a curve through these points (IV).


Wow thank you very much to both @wim and @arendvw
This is extremely helpful.