Equation Based Curves

I was wondering if Rhino has the capability to create an equation-based curve?
For instance, I want to create a curve (or fillet) using the exponentialequation: y=A*x^n

y= height
x= width
A= Constant
n= Constant

Hi Chase - not directly, no - it may well be something you could do in Grasshopper though.


Doesn’t MathCAD do something along those lines?

Could you give me an idea of how to do it in grasshopper? I just started using GH about 15 mins ago…

Do you mean something like this?

plotgraph.gh (7.5 KB)

Yes that is exactly what I mean. Could you break down what all the modules mean? Sorry, but like I said before I’m very new to grasshopper.

If You know numerical values of the constants you can try this plugin

It doesn’t look like you downloaded the grasshopper definition that Arend posted - it’s best to just open that in Grasshopper to see what it does.

In short, you need to generate a range of x-values (I) and plug these into the function (II). That function will spit out the y-values and then both are combined to make points (III) and then a curve through these points (IV).

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Wow thank you very much to both @wim and @arendvw
This is extremely helpful.