Making fold in a sofa

Hi to all i am new here and i want to do my frist ask here.
i have modelling a lot in rhino with trial and error and it works i made great models but there is 1 thing i don,t get my hands on an that’s making folds in a sofa (for example) i use the bounding box and try ti with outline curves did a great lessson making a pilow but as a said before i am not happy with the results for now. i did a picture by my ask to show you what i want maybe someone can help my a little
sorry for my poor english-:frowning:
greetings peter and thank in advance
i don’t have T-spline i only have rhino

Try to learn Modo, it’s far more modelling based than Cinema or 3DStudioMax. you can exchange data with TSplines or PowerSubDNurbs

801 is out now. wait for the Signature Courseware 801 to get the best tutorials…

MeshFusion as a Modo plugin is also interesting:

It’s kind of a learning curve but even is relying on Rhino, Solidworks and Modo for each respective purpose. If you stuck to only one software you loose a lot of time and frustration on your projects. Time to step it up…

Hi Peter - Try ApplyDisplacement in Rhino for this.


Just for fun… here’s a quick cushion study using displacement.

cushion displacement 3dm

You may need to look to a specific tool for the esoteric results you desire.

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till now thank for all your feedback i first go for the displacement the program(Rhino)cost me a lot off money
so i will get the best out off it and yes this will take more time … but step over will take also a lot off time start learning again-:slight_smile: this will be the second option first i have to make a good or a few jpg for folds it would be nice if someone have some or maybe the guy for Rhino can make some -:slight_smile:
greetings peter i will post the results and i will look at all the post here

thanks Brian this is really nice but… it don.t look natural-:)in mine opinion (sorry)
greetings peter

Hi pascal thanks i am study on it
greetings Peter

I tried to keep it very simple just as a quick sample… but I agree it could use more cage editing and different displacement textures for the different faces. This would then also require some custom UVs. If I get a chance I’ll try and make another one that is more realistic. A sub-d modeler with sculpting would be easier though… or soft body physics. These aren’t standard in a NURBS modeler like Rhino at the moment though.

" this is really nice but… it don.t look natural-:)in mine opinion (sorry)
greetings peter"

Hey Peter,

Just a word of caution. Rhino is primarily an industrial design tool and, in spite of that, can do a lot more. It’s expertise, however, is not doing the kind of naturalistic fabric folds that you are after.

well if that would be the case most sofas coming from a factory or design for industrial productions
in mine opinion are sofa also industrial design i think at least 70% and of corse o use rhino also for other things like this

You don’t have to model fabric folds when modeling for production. That’s purely for visualization and completely a different story…


well maybe we have to go back to the start off the ask i just ask to make folds and yes i am a little
cocky but i don,t agree there are always situations that je need folds and at the moment i am just looking for a good way to do it. so the issue if i need them or not is not relevant i decide if i need them or not -:)and i also don,t agree that we or i never need them but again its just an ask and there are some guy who given me a good start to look at
this is also made in rhino on flyingarchitecture

Just go there and push and pull control points one by one, you will get your folds.

Hi! looking for someone who can made for me sofas render at the least this quality, somebody would to help us?
Roberto from Italy

Ok, so I’m a bit late posting this but… I think Rhino can do a fairly good job of folds and organic stuff. You just have to plan your surfaces very carefully, just as if you were poly modelling in something like Modo. Probably not going to be anything near as good looking as Marvelous Designer but at least it’ll be in nurbs. However, it does take time and lots of patience!


Nice furniture, mcvltd.

You can make cushions with wrinkles from 4 individual surfaces, and then create a solid from them. Remember that create solid will make a solid even if the surfaces over extend each other.

You can make the hills and valleys with node editing on surfaces or drawing a grayscale image to use for Heightfield.

You could use a sweep1 and a circle (curve) for the piping.

Each pillow could be 2 edited surfaces, mirrored and so the edges overlap, and then create solid will trim them. Just remember that there can’t be leaks. You can bend them as you like with cage editing.

The cabriolet legs are going to be a bit of work.

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