Bump mapping questions

Hi everyone,

Two bump mapping questions I can’t seem to work out.

I’m trying to:

  1. Apply a bump map
  2. Position the bump map
  3. Make it render nicely :slight_smile:

Haven’t positioned maps in Rhino before, & thought I’d figure it out quickly…

Map made in Illustrator, so I can create a larger resolution map, blur, etc. if needed.
Basically, I’m modeling a glass lens with flutes. Attached is my bump map & file.


lens.3dm (480.5 KB)

Hi Turner - set up planar mapping on the object so it looks like this:

(Properties > Mapping page)

However, I’d be inclined to model that, myself - you can make one repeat and array the surfaces. It will be a complex polysurface to be sure, but I am not sure is will be any less tractable than the very dense displacement mesh you’ll need for it to look any good.


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got it!

Bump map working OK and I think I can work with it. I’ll look into modeling it and arraying - I think displacement is too sloppy for this detail anyway.

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